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Medina Oven & Bar sign

Victory Park has been home to the Medina Oven & Bar since 2007. When selecting his restaurant’s location, Sam Benoikken carefully sought out his storefront, looking for a space in an area he loved and was backed by a strong community of people and businesses. Lucky for us, Sam found that in Victory Park and has been a neighborhood favorite ever since.

It had always been a dream for Sam Benoikken to open a Moroccan restaurant. At the age of 16, he moved to America to make his dream a reality. Sam spent years learning the hospitality industry and gained 20 years of food and beverage experience with high-end dining. Sam also received his Bachelor of Science in hotel and restaurant management.

When it came to Medina Oven & Bar, Sam always emphasized the importance of service, creativity, and impeccable quality for the casual-chic restaurant. He brought a sense of authenticity without losing focus on creating a sophisticated ambiance.

When not hard at work, Sam enjoyed spending time with his wife, Susan. He also had a deep passion for soccer. If Susan was too busy to watch a match, he could always count on their cat, Firk, to be his loyal companion. Sharing more than the love of sports, Susan brought a passion for music and animals into their marriage. Susan hopes to one day be able to start her own passion project, an animal rescue.

At the end of 2019, Sam Benoikken passed away unexpectedly, leaving Medina Oven & Bar in the care of his loving wife. As Susan continues to uphold his legacy, there have been many challenges along the way, naming COVID as the most recent obstacle. With the support of her family and friends, Susan has been able to keep the restaurant open and continues to serve the community.

She credits Victory Park as being a “wonderful community of people.” During the day, Susan tries to find time to sit outside by the fountain to watch all of the different people going by. It’s from this spot that she can see what her husband saw so many years ago: a place where people live and gather to enjoy great food, drinks, music and activities.

The word Medina, by definition, refers to the “center of the city” in Morocco. Sam wanted to provide Dallas and the Metroplex something of value: a restaurant that blends innovation with tradition. Guests feel transported to another world while they experience the savory cuisine and sensual music that make up what some consider to be the center of Dallas’ restaurant scene.

Since taking sole ownership, Susan has made the executive decision to increase focus on to-go and delivery services. She teases that Medina has a few new and exciting things coming down the line and encourages guests to keep an eye on the restaurant’s website and social channels for updates and events for the near future.

You can support Sam’s legacy by taking on a lively and enriched dining experience at Medina Oven & Bar.

Everyone wishes you were their dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and you’ve shown your love for your Dad via personalized golf balls, unnecessary new tools to complicate drinking beer or whiskey, the latest in fishing gear, a tie, BBQ equipment, and the list goes on. It’s a tried and true recipe to make him smile. Why not mix it up this year by Giving Dad a victorious weekend! Here’s our guide to Father’s Day in Victory Park!

7 Ways Victory Park will make Father’s Day special:

Get Fit

If you’re a family that enjoys being active, plan your own 5k fun run. Get creative with a special medal for Dad and bestow it during a closing ceremony. Etsy has plenty of dad-approved, punny medals that can be shipped out just in time. Don’t forget that a fun run isn’t the same without the recovery beers the Katy Trail and the Trinity Strand Trail have convenient stops right at Victory Park to walk over and kick back with an ice-cold beer (A Texas summer must!). If your preference is an indoor workout, don’t count out a fun fitness class with Orangetheory or Classic Pilates!

Skip the Grill

Photo Credit: Rathbun Curbside BBQ

This year, give Dad a well-deserved break from grilling and attend a pop-up BBQ event hosted by celebrity chef Kent Rathbun. Due to the limited quantity and high demand, it is advised that you pre-order your Father’s Day feast online. Everyone is guaranteed to leave satisfied as Rathbun’s unique menus have attracted both local and national acclaim. The grill is hot, pre-order BBQ for easy pick-up in front of Imoto Dallas this Friday, June 19th, from 4 – 7 PM! Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Special by ordering before June 17th to receive 10% off! Order here!

Respect the Man Cave

Photo Credit: Read Between The Lines

Where does your Dad spend the most time? Does he have a home office, man cave, or another special place? You are sure to find the perfect gift at Read Between The Lines, like a Texas state letterpress, some visually appealing playing cards, or even a new art addition to be displayed in his favorite place. This way, he can always be reminded of how much you love him.  Read Between the Lines’ created a perfectly curated Father’s Day collection if you are not sure what to get him.

Dad Jokes for Days

It seems like dads live to embarrass their kids, and honestly, we’re here for it! We love to see a good, friendly dad troll on Instagram – especially when they’re trying to recreate their kids’ photos. For 21st century memories, grab a few fun conceptions and have free range to create your goofiest Instagram/Tik Tok moments. Dads can learn new tricks, they’ve been watching your Tik Toks dances during quarantine and are dying to be included! Bonus: as you laugh the day away, you will be making tangible memories to last a lifetime! You also never know when it could help to have a goofy photo of your father lying around…

Give Dad an Escape

It’s no secret that 2020 has provided us all with lots of quality time, but some might even say too much quality time. Whether you’re brainstorming for your father or the father of your kids, the thing that the man in your life might be wanting most is some time away. Trade the ‘Honey Do List’ in for a day pass to W Dallas – Victory. This will give him a chance to grab a book and spend time relaxing and unwinding while taking in the gorgeous city views. Oh yeah, did we mention that the day pass includes unlimited access to the famous, heated, rooftop pool, poolside food and drink service, and wifi? What a way to spend the day!

A Puzzle for Dads

For the Dad that loves puzzles, give him a challenge at Escapology Dallas! With many themed rooms to choose from at varying levels, the whole family can put their minds to the test. Which family member will lead the team to escape?!

Keep it Simple

Sometimes simple is best. One thing that people everywhere have in common is the love of food. This makes Victory Park the best place to celebrate Father’s Day! With so many incredible options to choose from, Dad is almost guaranteed to head home, feeling full of both love and food. Some of the most popular dad-approved cuisines include brunch at Dibs, a long-bone pork chop from Billy Can Can, tacos from Mesero, any treat from Sift + Pour, and so much more! Find a full list of dining options in Victory Park here.

For the Sweetest Dads

How many times have you caught your Dad sneaking the last dessert in the house? This Father’s Day weekend get out of the house for a sweet treat. Whatever your Dad’s favorite dessert is, Victory Park has an array of handmade delectables to fit the bill.  If you are looking for baked goods, Victory Park has tons of options like Sift + Pour and Café Victoria. Remember the childhood ice cream outings on a summer evening? Return the favor and treat your Dad to a cone at the newly opened Aqua S.

There is no wrong way to celebrate Father’s Day. The most important part is to take the weekend to tell your dad or father figure in your life just how much they mean to you.

From the Victory Park team, wishing you a Happy Father’s Day!
Beach towel and drinks by the pool

We know it’s hard giving up your annual family beach vacation, camping trips, climbing adventures, and weekends at the lake, but all hope is not lost! While not as distant as you might have hoped, staycations can be a great way to let yourself relax and spend time with those you love. Better yet, Victory Park has a diverse selection of restaurants, shops, and trails that you can get lost in.

Need some more inspiration? Here’s your complete guide to a weekend staycation in Victory Park.


Check-in to your room at the W Dallas – Victory Hotel

  Photo Credit: W Hotel Dallas

We know you’ve been eager to tiptoe around a pool and escape your own home again. The W Dallas – Victory Hotel is a luxury hotel perfectly located within walking distance to anything you could want. Even better, pets are welcome!  (click here for weekend deal availability)

After checking-in, take some time to settle into your room and explore what the hotel has to offer. Soak in the beautiful city views and get lost exploring the fabulous art adorning the halls.


Eat until your heart’s content

Photo credit: Hero By HGSPLY

It’s fine, we all do it. We go on vacation, and we EAT! We eat like nobody is watching! No salads, no small portions. We go on vacation to relax and enjoy ourselves, and that means eating what we want to. Wonderful food creations can be found both inside and outside the hotel, including W Living Room if you want drinks and small plates and at Cook Hall, if you’re looking for a more filling meal. Venturing out of your home for the weekend will yield delicious and memorable experiences. Newly opened, Mot Hai Ba gives you a taste of Vietnam in an exciting modern interpretation of French-Vietnamese cuisine, no plane or passport needed!

If the weather is nice, we suggest going for an evening stroll to dinner or out for a drink. Exploring the city under the lights, can tie a bow on the perfect evening. Just walking two blocks down, you will pass over ten restaurants, including Billy Can Can, Mesero, Imoto, Dibs on Victory, Burgundy Swine Wine Bar, Jinya Ramen, and more! While you’re out, explore the neighborhood and have fun window shopping.


Go out for a light breakfast

Photo Credit: Cafe Victoria

Just a few steps away is the treasured neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Victoria. Get a strong start to your day with your choice of a coffee beverage or the ever-popular matcha latte and a savory baked good. Before you leave, don’t forget to get your 4-legged friend a CapPOOCHino.





Photo Credit: Read Between the Lines

What could be a better way to wrap up a vacation than some retail therapy? Victory Park has many shops for you to find something for yourself or a friend. From Read Between The Lines, V.O.D. Boutique, Simply Elegant Dallas, and The Hangar, you must hit them all. 



Rehydrate and restore 

Photo Credit: Freshii

After exploring new parts of Dallas and stretching your legs, it’s time to rehydrate and care for your body. Start by picking up a vitamin-packed snack at Feed Me Pronto or at Freshii. Then head back to the hotel for a shower and a power nap. However, you won’t want to nap too long, or else you might miss your appointment at Joanna Czech! Located right next to your hotel, you’ll enter into an afternoon of heaven with signature services like individualized facial treatments, exclusive LED skin therapies and aesthetic services by private appointment.

Escape reality

You’ve dined, explored, and relaxed. Now it’s time to turn your staycation into an adventure. Take your chances and see if you have what it takes to crack the codes, find hidden clues, and solve the puzzle in a 60-minute, adrenalin pumping Escapology game. You’re guaranteed an amazing experience and fun memories to enjoy with your family for years to come, but we can’t promise your escape.


Sleep in and take your time 

The last day of any vacation is always bittersweet. You likely don’t have far to travel, so why rush off? Go ahead and request a late check-out, sleep in, and take your time getting ready. After a nice long, hot shower, you can check out and pack up your car. Don’t get too sad, turning over the keys, though, because being out of the hotel doesn’t mean your vacation is over.

Hit the trails

Katy Trail Dallas

Photo Credit: Katy Trail

Spend Sunday basking in the outdoors, re-discover Dallas on one of the most popular trailheads in town, The Katy Trail. No matter your style of exercise, whether you’re a casual walker, a rollerblader, training for a 5K, or a hobby cyclist, anyone can enjoy the 3.5-mile path. Feel like you’ve been transported out of the city and into a nature oasis. 




Family Sundaes 

If you’re the type that typically brings souvenirs back from trips for loved ones, It’Sugar is the perfect place to find fun oversized candy and sweets sure to light up the face of the person who watered your plants. When you’re finished shopping, treat the family to a sundae from Aqua S before grabbing road snacks at 7-Eleven and heading home!

Staycations can be just as relaxing and fun as any vacation. But staycations have an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about your vacation finds not fitting in your suitcase to go back home or the travel time to get back to your front door. What will you do for your staycation? 

Victory Park blod drive w/ Carter Bloodcare & Methodist Dallas

Event: Victory Park Blood Drive – partnering with Methodist Dallas Medical Center and Carter Bloodcare

Date: Friday, May 22nd 10am – 3pm

Location: Valet parking area on Victory Park Ln. and Museum Way

Sign up here

Over the past three months, people around the country have been uniting to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Food banks and pantries are working around the clock, Manufacturers have pivoted production to help supply life-saving materials, volunteers have assembled tents and cots outside of hospitals to accommodate patient overflow, and the National Guard units have been activated to help gather and deliver supplies. Now it’s your turn! You can play your part in helping those in need on May 22nd as the Carter BloodCare Bus accepts blood donations  at Victory Park. 

Why you should give:

Donating blood is a simple, quick, and relatively painless act that can make a positive difference in our world. However, less than 10% of eligible donors give. Donations are essential for trauma patients and people undergoing a variety of situations, including surgeries, transplants, chronic illnesses, blood disorders, and cancer, among many more. Your blood donation could be essential in supporting recovery. A single donation can give one to three patients a better chance for survival.

Donating blood takes on average one hour, with approximately 10 minutes being the physical blood draw. New donors will need to undergo a screening process that takes into account their hemoglobin levels, while repeat donors may be subject to an abbreviated screening process.

Giving blood is an impactful act that can be done more than once. By donating, you have the power to save lives. The reward of a blood donation is that you can share something so easily that makes such a significant difference in someone else’s life.

After you give:

After your donation is made, you should avoid doing any physical activity for a minimum of 5 hours. This is to allow your arm time to rest and rebuild strength so that you don’t become sore later on.

In addition to allowing yourself time to rest, you should focus on intaking foods high in iron to help rebuild red blood cells. Foods high in iron include fortified cereals and grains, spinach, green lentils, beans, red meats, and nuts. Orange juice, milk, and yogurt are all good post-donation snacks; additionally they contain folic acid and riboflavin, B-9 and B-2 vitamins, which help to restore red blood cell counts.

You don’t have to look far to find some good post-donation snacks in Victory Park. We suggest Buda Juice, Feed Me Pronto, Freshii, or one of the many other eating establishments just a short distance away (click here for a map and directory of Victory Park). 

A note from Carterblood Care:

Public safety is of our utmost priority. All necessary precautions will be taken to ensure everyone involved is safe. We have increased sanitation and sterilization processes, along with social distancing, to comply with the recommended COVID-19 safety precautions. No more than four donors will be allowed on the bus at a time to ensure we keep social distancing – two will be giving blood while two will be in the resting area.

Directional signs will be placed on the outskirts of the neighborhood in order to help direct traffic and indicate the blood drive’s exact location.

For more information on giving blood, visit the Carter Bloodcare webpage.

Sign up here

Woman with child

Parents do so much for their kids which can make finding the right present on Mother’s Day a struggle. This year, throw in the added challenge of extended store closures along with delivery challenges of social distancing and you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place. That’s where we come in! We’ve rounded up all of the best-selling gifts that mom is hoping to get from you this year.

Soft and Sweet 

There’s no gift quite as timeless as the gift of flowers. Shop Simply Elegant, voted D Magazine’s number 1 flower shop, for a bouquet that mom is sure to love. Even better, purchase a Flowers of the Month Club membership so that her gift never wilts. Each month’s delivery will be a fresh reminder of your love and appreciation for all that she does. Call the store or check online for their current Mother’s Day Specials going on – bouquets starting at $75. Email to place your order right now! 

Simple and Timeless

The best gift-givers know that presents need to match the recipient’s love language. If the mother that you’re shopping for speaks in words of affirmation, then the perfect gift lies at Read Between The Lines. Shop the best-selling collection of unique cards, stationery, prints, and more that will accurately express your love for her in a way that she can cherish and read over and over again. However, opening gifts is fun no matter your love language, so pair that perfect card with one of Read Between The Lines’ many other great gifts perfectly curated for moms. They’ll also gift wrap your perfect present so you leave 100% ready to win the best gift this year! 

Classic and Chic

Was it not our mothers who taught us that when we look good, we feel good? Help your mom feel good every day with a few new closet staples, so she can still look her best at home! V.O.D. Boutique is a unique fashion boutique featuring curated pieces from independent designers with clothing for the chic mom of any age – better yet, they offer free shipping anywhere and curbside pick up in Dallas. Find anything from a stunning alligator wallet to the cutest parasol to a new belt that could tie any outfit together.

Sugars and Smarties

Go-tos wouldn’t exist if they didn’t work, right? When in doubt, go for the sweets. Every mom has a sweet tooth for a cookie, cupcake, candy, or maybe even ice cream. Whatever your mom’s guilty pleasure is, Victory Park has the candy makers and bakers to satisfy her sweet tooth. If candy is what your mom reaches for, look no further than It’Sugar. For handcrafted soft serve, Aqua S has you covered. And for all the baked goods that your heart could desire, turn to the bakers at Sift + Pour. They are currently offering Mother May I cookie kits and a MOM-umental flower bouquets with a Lowe Co. “Isn’t she lovely” or “You are loved” card – order on their website at! You can pick up your order, have it delivered, or shipped nationwide! ⁣  

Delicious and Unique 

Looking for a wonderful way to end Mother’s Day? Say it with food! Billy Can Can’s selection of fine saloon fare is available for pick-up and to-go with their special Mother’s Day menu! Three courses of early summer deliciousness for $50 or a dessert + wine care package for $25. All that PLUS cocktails to-go, à la carte fare, local beer and fine wines- now that’s a wonderful way to celebrate mom, and you get to enjoy it too! Call them to place your order now 214.296.2610 or check out their menu here.

So there you have it, Victory Park has everything you need to succeed this Mother’s Day. Just a reminder, it is Sunday May 10th, but you already knew that! 

P.S. To all the dads out there: a reminder that there won’t be any cute DIY crafts for mom coming from school this year, it’s on you to help make that macaroni necklace (and pair it with a little something special)

Dang it. You are awesome. With camera.

Right now, just about everyone is experiencing an increase in free time both those working from home and those just working on keeping their sanity while at home. As we undergo yet another week of quarantine and social distancing, many are starting to grow anxious and are having trouble finding activities to occupy their time. Some people have found that this season has been the perfect time to focus on introspection, perfect a hobby, or learn something new, and no we’re not talking about learning another TikTok dance.

One activity that you could pick up, or maybe re-spark, is perfecting your green thumb. After all, Spring is the season of new life so why not try cultivating some in your own home. Plants can brighten your day just by looking at them. Maybe you can start an herb garden in a backyard or patio and be able to save some green down the road. Pick up a copy of How To Raise A Plant And Make It Love You Back today and get growing.

You could also pass the time by planning your post-quarantine celebration. Will you get dressed up and go out to a club? Make a reservation for you and all of your friends at a popular restaurant? Maybe you’ll finally be able to take that vacation that had to be rescheduled/canceled. Has COVID-19 ignited a fire in you to see the world with your own eyes? If so, maybe your celebration will be a trip overseas. If that’s the case, take the time now to do some planning and reading on where to go/how to spend your time there.

Our dream vacation? We’re heading to Paris and stocking up on all the tips and tricks. Sundays in Paris is an excellent source that offers a comprehensive city guide featuring the best places to eat, drink, and explore in the City of Lights for any day of the week.

Another healthy way of spending your time is to focus on introspection and mental health. From a candlelight ritual for renewal to a soothing ritual for unwinding to a tea ceremony for fostering connection and gratitude, the world is filled with empowering spiritual practices that help cultivate well-being. The Rituals, a book by Natalie MacNeil, is filled with details on the history and meaning behind a wide range of sacred rituals for love, awareness, joy, along with so much more. The enriching, powerful practices found in this book have the power to transform your quarantine experience and extend into your normal routines.

Lastly, another great practice to fill your time with is the art of the written word. With so many outlets and ways to practice, anyone is sure to find some way to express yourself. Hand lettering is a beautiful art form that has the potential to grow into a side hustle. Journaling is one of the most cost-effective forms of therapy. Creating a physical list of daily gratitudes can dramatically increase your mood, leading to better relationships. Dream journals can reveal shocking details about your life and lead to epiphanies. While prayer/blessing journals are another way to stay positive and focus on your meditation. The point is, journaling is a creative outlet that can improve your mental state. To get started, find a journal that you want to write in and the rest will come naturally.

Share with us how you’re filling your time.

Each of the featured products in this post (and many more) are available online at (free shipping on U.S. orders $35+), via curbside pickup at their Victory Park location at 2412 Victory Park Lane (simply place your order online and specify in-store pickup), as well as home and office delivery in the Victory Park area!

Victory responds to COVID-19 in the neighborhood

Many businesses in Victory Park are doing their part to make sure we are all staying healthy by putting together an initiative in the neighborhood. The participating restaurants will be delivering orders to customers who are being cautious and staying at home.


Everybody Eats: Hero, Mot Hai Ba, DIBS on Victory, Feed Me Pronto, and Sift + Pour have created family style meals and menus as well as household necessity packages for delivery! Orders can be placed by calling 877-832-8723. Visit the website below to view delivery and takeout menus and for more information!
(All orders are subject to a $5 delivery fee)

Serving Those Who Serve: Hero by HG launched a “In the meantime… Family Meal” at Hero. Each day the restaurant will be providing meals for service industry employees who are unable to work.

Biagio Spirits: Biagio Spirits will deliver wine (minimum purchase of $20) in a 7 mile radius (for a $5 fee) through their Biagio App, through Drizly, or by phone.

Billy Can Can: Secure your order for their take-out meals! Follow them on social to keep up with their new meals. Email or call 214.296.2610.

Burgundy Swine: Burgundy Swine Wine Bar is offering wine delivery. Email to place your wine order and receive free delivery.

Cafe Victoria:  Free delivery to the Victory Park area from 7am-3pm! You can still takeout during these hours as well. Customers can call in their order and pay with a card over the phone or by card or cash upon delivery. They are also offering individuals and organizations the chance to donate breakfast to the Police and Healthcare teams on the Victory Park testing site. If you or your company would like to do this, please email them at, or DM them! They can send coffee and food, and it will be at the site while they set up or before it opens at 8am. With every order, Cafe Victoria will also buy a beautiful Read Between the Lines Thank You card and will include a note on your behalf.

Feed Me Pronto: Feed Me Pronto is offering local delivery, curbside pickup, family style meals with organic wine/local beer, snack bags, bags of food for the week and accept credit cards, PayPal and Venmo. They have high-quality, organic and non-GMO versions of typical convenience store fare.

Freshii: Freshii is offering takeout, front door pick up/ordering, curbside delivery, ordering through their app or online through a third-party delivery service like Grubhub or Uber Eats.

Jinya: Get your favorite ramen to-go at Jinya Ramen Bar! They’re doing take-out and delivery, as well as having the option to purchase a gift card so you and your favorite people can take a ramen date once the quarantine is lifted.

Mesero: See a bucket, send a bucket! The Original Mesero Margarita Pack is available for free delivery and curbside pickup! They’re also having 1/2 price beer and wine.

Orange Theory Fitness: OrangeTheory Fitness Daily At-Home Workouts Available on Youtube. Simply search Orangetheory Fitness on Youtube and select that days workout. You can also follow Orangetheory Fitness Victory Park on Facebook – we post the Workout of the Day each morning.

Sift + Pour: Get your Social Distancing Survival Kit from Sift + Pour! $25 for a regular kit and an extra $5 if you want gluten-free. They ship nationwide and deliver in the DFW area!

Simply ElegantOur local flower shop is still available for deliveries! Enjoy gorgeous flowers while at home in your pajamas or send to someone special and make their day! Place call 214-46808855 or order online at

Kent Rathbun BBQ – Kent Rathbun with IMOTO is offering Family Style BBQ! Text the word CHEF to 888111 and fill out the form. Sign up for their text messaging updates to always be informed about your orders and be the first to find out about special events!

Aqua S – NOW OPEN! A premium soft serve ice cream shop  in Victory Park (next to mesero). Offering a curbside pick up and free deliveries of our mini ice cream tubs starting next week.  Gluten free and dairy free options as well.

Sweet Tooth Hotel: In an effort to help support Dallas artists, Sweet Tooth Hotel is offering a free gift card for every gift card purchased. 100% of the proceeds will go towards paying their artists and $1 from each ticket is being donated to Warm Up America!


Earth XR: COMING SOON! EarthXR, a subdivision of EarthX, is dedicated to interactive storytelling designed to further engage and inspire environmental awareness through immersive technology

EarthX is an international environmental nonprofit connecting a global community to create a sustainable world for all life and future generations.  EarthX has partnered with French Virtual Reality film makers Wild Immersion to house the First Virtual Nature Reserve in the United States.  Wild Immersion aims to reconnect humans with the natural world raising awareness to conserve wildlife, through cutting edge VR technology.

Parking: South Victory Garage parking will be free for two hours without validation to anyone who orders take out from the restaurants in the neighborhood until further notice.

Toasting with drinks with hearts in the background

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many of us still don’t have plans. Even if she said she’s fine with not doing anything, chances are she’s still expecting some kind of special dinner or activity. Because we all can’t be hopeless romantics who shine every Valentine’s Day, we created an inspirational date cheatsheet.

Use this guide to help plan the perfect night!     


For The Sporty Couple:

From basketball to lacrosse, you guys are always down to cheer on the home team. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Even when you are out to eat, you both seem to navigate towards what’s showing on TV. The good news is that you both enjoy bonding over the game. So this year for the big date, start with 2 tickets to a Stars or Mavericks game and finish the night with dinner and drinks at Hero or Dibs.





For The Historians:

Your Netflix and Chill sessions usually revolve around the news documentary or historical fiction drama.

 You’re a master storyteller and love learning new facts. A perfect Valentine’s Day for you includes strolling through the wonders that make up the Perot Museum of Nature and Science followed by coffee at Cafe Victoria to discuss your new knowledge.





For The Inspirational Couple:

Ted Talks are your jam! You’re the couple others look to for advice about their own relationship and career. It’s likely that your instagram feed regularly features an inspirational message. This February, beat the crowds and have lunch at Brewed + Pressed before heading over to see Oprah at the American Airlines Center.


For The Foodies:

Dinner is never just an activity for you and your significant other. Dinner is the event. Your favorite book is a menu and there’s no such thing as a “quick bite”. 

Food is an art form that is made to be enjoyed in every sense of the term. Indulge a little more this holiday and grab dinner and drinks at Imoto, Jinya, or Billy Can Can – or all three if you’re up for it. Then, design your own perfect dessert in a cookie decorating class at Sift + Pour.




For The Adventurous Couple:

You guys are always on the go exploring something new. Adventure cabins – been there. Spontaneous hiking trips – done it. This year, explore something new right in your backyard.

Challenge yourself and see if you and your S.O. really do make a good team at Escapology before a nice dinner at Mesero.



For The Fit Couple:

They say couples who work out together, stay together. Keep doing your thing and crushing goals! You both know the importance of staying on a strict schedule with no days off. Instead, celebrate in a way that is uniquely you. Get a good sweat sesh in with a workout at Orange Theory Fitness or Classic Pilates. You can then refuel at lunch at Freshii or Feed Me Pronto.





For The Movie Lovers:

You’re the couple that has likely already watched every Netflix original out there and are subscribed to all major streaming services. In fact, you even bonded over your favorite movie on a first date. This year, embrace your love of movies as well as your love. Stock up on your favorite snacks at IT’SUGAR on your way to a reliable movie night at CINEPOLIS


For The Posh Couple:

You’re the couple that bonds over all things luxury. When planning a trip, it’s no question, you both believe in go big or go home. Treat yourselves this Valentine’s Day! Start with rejuvenating facials and spa treatments at Joanna Czech and end the day by relaxing with a bottle of wine or champaign at Burgundy Swine.






For The Music Lovers:

For you, making a burned CD, or a Spotify playlist, is still the best way to tell someone you love them. Music has a way of telling stories and expressing emotions in a way that words alone cannot. Tell your partner just how much they rock with a concert at The House of Blues. Then, catch an encore over dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.


For The Instagram Couple: 

You might have thousands of followers but there’s only one person you want to be with this Valentine’s Day. You both know that a picture is worth a thousand words and rejoice in documenting the moment. Surprise your love with flowers from Simply Elegant followed by a blow out from Lost Hairdresser. If there’s time, stroll through Victory Park and enjoy window shopping, make sure to swing by V.O.D. for a new dress though. Valentine’s Day tip: offer to take as many photos as it takes to get the perfect ‘candid’ shot.

Victory Park Dallas rendering with Mavs sign
Dallasites 101
Written by: Kristin Smart

For current Victory Park residents or for those who frequent the American Airlines Center, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a number of changes to the area. Restaurants, bars and retail have started booming in this neighborhood, and there is still much more to come! It’s hard to believe that just 8 years ago, Victory Park was considered a total flop. But it has totally reinvented itself and we’re here to tell you the 15 reasons why it’s time to make the area your new hangout!

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