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2324 Victory Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75219

The first Virtual Wildlife Reserve to Connect, Educate and Protect our Environment in the United States. EarthXR presents a state of the art VR Lounge showcasing action-packed 360º films that allow you to journey into nature’s majestic territories.

Teleport to the Heart of Wildlife with Impossible Proximity.

EarthXR, a subdivision of EarthX, is dedicated to interactive storytelling designed to further engage and inspire environmental awareness through immersive technology.

EarthX is an international environmental nonprofit connecting a global community to create a sustainable world for all life and future generations. EarthX has partnered with French Virtual Reality film makers Wild Immersion to house the First Virtual Nature Reserve in the United States. Wild Immersion aims to reconnect humans with the natural world raising awareness to conserve wildlife, through cutting edge VR technology.