Victory Park Tenant Spotlight: Cafe Victoria

Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir

Truly inspired by and created for Victory Park, everything about Cafe Victoria has been designed to cater to the people that play, work, and live in the area. From the name to the quaint look to the menu, owner Luciana Gomez has created something truly special that has captured the attention of many.

Luciana’s story is one of a resident turned tenant. Her entrepreneurial spirit saw a need in her community (because no neighborhood is complete without a coffee shop!) and moved to fill it. Her contribution has only added to the already modern, vibrant, and friendly environment of the community.

Inspiration for Cafe Victoria comes from both near and far. During the evaluation stage, Luciana found motivation and encouragement at a neighbor’s store, Read Between The Lines. But influence didn’t stop there. Drawing from her life experiences and travels, Luciana knew that she wanted her cafe to feel like a shop in Europe without sacrificing a unique to Victory Park vibe. It’s safe to say that her attempt was a success as the cafe will celebrate its 5th anniversary this January!

Relying on guidance and support by her family, Luciana has felt the pressure that so many faced earlier this year when the pandemic hit. “Any crisis pushes for innovation and this has been the crisis,” says Luciana. Her focus has always been and continues to be to first and foremost take care of her staff. She has been working on reinventing, recreating, questioning, and making quick adjustments with every change that comes her way. Even under current conditions, the support and love of Cafe Victoria’s customers have been unbelievable!

While 2020 seems to be on a search and destroy mission for all of our favorite things, Cafe Victoria isn’t going anywhere. Luciana said it best that “the development in the past couple of years has made it more exciting and fun, and there is no need to leave the neighborhood. Victory Park has some of the best restaurants in the city, fun bars, cute shops, and even a supermarket.” However, our team thinks Luciana left out one crucial detail – Victory Park also has the best coffee shop around!

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