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Valentine’s Day Date Guide in Victory Park for Every Couple

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and many of us still don’t have plans. Even if she said she’s fine with not doing anything, chances are she’s still expecting some kind of special dinner or activity. Because we all can’t be hopeless romantics who shine every Valentine’s Day, we created an inspirational date cheatsheet.

Use this guide to help plan the perfect night!     


For The Sporty Couple:

From basketball to lacrosse, you guys are always down to cheer on the home team. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Even when you are out to eat, you both seem to navigate towards what’s showing on TV. The good news is that you both enjoy bonding over the game. So this year for the big date, start with 2 tickets to a Stars or Mavericks game and finish the night with dinner and drinks at Hero or Dibs.





For The Historians:

Your Netflix and Chill sessions usually revolve around the news documentary or historical fiction drama.

 You’re a master storyteller and love learning new facts. A perfect Valentine’s Day for you includes strolling through the wonders that make up the Perot Museum of Nature and Science followed by coffee at Cafe Victoria to discuss your new knowledge.





For The Inspirational Couple:

Ted Talks are your jam! You’re the couple others look to for advice about their own relationship and career. It’s likely that your instagram feed regularly features an inspirational message. This February, beat the crowds and have lunch at Brewed + Pressed before heading over to see Oprah at the American Airlines Center.


For The Foodies:

Dinner is never just an activity for you and your significant other. Dinner is the event. Your favorite book is a menu and there’s no such thing as a “quick bite”. 

Food is an art form that is made to be enjoyed in every sense of the term. Indulge a little more this holiday and grab dinner and drinks at Imoto, Jinya, or Billy Can Can – or all three if you’re up for it. Then, design your own perfect dessert in a cookie decorating class at Sift + Pour.




For The Adventurous Couple:

You guys are always on the go exploring something new. Adventure cabins – been there. Spontaneous hiking trips – done it. This year, explore something new right in your backyard.

Challenge yourself and see if you and your S.O. really do make a good team at Escapology before a nice dinner at Mesero.



For The Fit Couple:

They say couples who work out together, stay together. Keep doing your thing and crushing goals! You both know the importance of staying on a strict schedule with no days off. Instead, celebrate in a way that is uniquely you. Get a good sweat sesh in with a workout at Orange Theory Fitness or Classic Pilates. You can then refuel at lunch at Freshii or Feed Me Pronto.





For The Movie Lovers:

You’re the couple that has likely already watched every Netflix original out there and are subscribed to all major streaming services. In fact, you even bonded over your favorite movie on a first date. This year, embrace your love of movies as well as your love. Stock up on your favorite snacks at IT’SUGAR on your way to a reliable movie night at CINEPOLIS


For The Posh Couple:

You’re the couple that bonds over all things luxury. When planning a trip, it’s no question, you both believe in go big or go home. Treat yourselves this Valentine’s Day! Start with rejuvenating facials and spa treatments at Joanna Czech and end the day by relaxing with a bottle of wine or champaign at Burgundy Swine.






For The Music Lovers:

For you, making a burned CD, or a Spotify playlist, is still the best way to tell someone you love them. Music has a way of telling stories and expressing emotions in a way that words alone cannot. Tell your partner just how much they rock with a concert at The House of Blues. Then, catch an encore over dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.


For The Instagram Couple: 

You might have thousands of followers but there’s only one person you want to be with this Valentine’s Day. You both know that a picture is worth a thousand words and rejoice in documenting the moment. Surprise your love with flowers from Simply Elegant followed by a blow out from Lost Hairdresser. If there’s time, stroll through Victory Park and enjoy window shopping, make sure to swing by V.O.D. for a new dress though. Valentine’s Day tip: offer to take as many photos as it takes to get the perfect ‘candid’ shot.

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